All That You Need To Know About Cut Resistant Gloves

Cut protection gloves have been the greatest invention of this century. People working in heavy industries often use sharp tools such as knives, blades, and blade machines, which can cause severe damage to one’s hand if not handled with precaution. 

Undeniably, there have been many instances of hand injuries in such factories, and the primary reason behind this has been the lack of safety precautions being maintained. Protective gloves for cutting are the need of the hour that should be provided to every employee working in such factories and dealing with sharp tools. But before that, you need to have some information about such gloves.

What Are They Made Of?

Cut-resistant gloves are made up of different materials such as polyethylene materials, metallic materials, high-density structure materials, and para-amid, which help in providing maximum safety to your hand when dealing with sharp tools like knives and blades. Such gloves are designed in such ways to suit every occupation, be it for a worker in a factory or a chef working in a five-star hotel. 


Effectiveness Of Such Gloves

The effectiveness of such safety gloves for cutting depends on certain factors. These factors include the kind of task you are involved in, the type of blade used, the force employed, the direction from which the pressure is coming, the sharpness of the blade, etc. 

 Employing any protective glove does not solve the task unless you can explain to the manufacturer what job you need it for. The cut-resistant gloves that a worker uses in a factory will be different from the kind used by a chef in a hotel kitchen. 


Different Levels Of Cut Resistant Gloves

Different cut glove levels are accorded to cut gloves. These glove levels go from 0 to 5, with level 5 being the safest one. These levels indicate the weight that a particular cut glove can withstand without the blade cutting through the material. For instance, cutting glove level 5 can withstand 7.7 pounds of weight without the blade cutting through the material. 



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Post time: Nov-18-2021