Cut-Resistant Gloves: Benefits And Limitations

If your employees are involved in some heavy industry that requires them to deal with sharp objects, then it is time for you to abide by safety protocols to the T and invest in some good quality 

Why are Cut Resistant Glasses Important?

We need to protect our hands from any damage at all costs. When dealing with a sharp tool and heavy machines, the risk factor increases. An employer needs to ensure that his employees are working in a safe environment with all precautionary measures being taken into consideration. Hence, good quality cut-resistant gloves are essential. They may not provide 100% protection from cuts but definitely, reduce the chances of scratches and severe damages being caused to one’s hand. 


What Kind of Gloves and their Benefits?

The primary benefit of cut-resistant gloves is that it protects one from accidents that can otherwise severely impact one’s hand. The gloves are layered with different levels of precaution and protection and therefore should be worked when handling knives, sharp blades, heavy industries with fitted-in edges, etc. 

There are different cut-resistant glove levels, with the safest being the cut-resistant glove level 5 as it provides maximum safety to one’s hands. It can withstand 7.7 pounds of the blade without having the blade cut through the material. 

However, there is a misconception that the highest level of cut-resistant gloves should be employed for every kind of job and employment. But, the truth is that kind or level of cut-resistant glove that one should use for a particular task depends on the type of work, sort of blades, and the type of force that will be employed in the job.

The kind of gloves an employer should provide to his employees should be directly in tangent with the hazards posed to them and their hands. Using a high-level cut-resistant glove for a primary blade machine doesn’t make sense.


While cut-resistant gloves are the best way to go, given that most of the accidents involving hands take place when employees aren’t wearing such gloves, however, they protect your hand to a certain level. The onus is on the employees to be vigilant while doing their work. 



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Post time: Nov-18-2021